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Custom Built External Staircases and Fire Escapes

We can arrange all aspects of your installation, from the first site visit, design through to completion.
Delivered and installed throughout the UK.
Through our contractor we undertake staircase and associated platforms and iron balustrade railing projects from small private fixings, to full commercial installations.
ALL staircases will meet building regulations.

Earthtools Staircase InstallationTalk to our contractor about your requirements now on 07774 937365.
Or submit the form below for a quote. In order to supply a more accurate quote, please provide us with as much specification information as possible and include finish options .(selectable in the quote application form below).

Staircases over 3m (15 treads) (16 rises) require a platform at halfway point or thereabouts. Currently we run up to first floor only.

Typical Materials for Staircase installation

Stairs: Approx 3000mm high.
Stringers made from 200mm x 10mm.
Treads made from 6mm chequer plate with 50mm upturn and 50mm downturn.
Railings: 12mm infill bars, 40mm x 10mm bottom rail, 40mm handrail,
40mm box posts.
Landing with 4 posts: Landing frame made from 80mm angle.
Surface is 4.5mm chequer plate. 4 x 100mm structural posts with base plates.
Finish: Galvanized, primed and black eggshell sprayed.
Materials: Very heavy duty and NOT like some cheap products available.

Further Information

Requirement for Guide Pricing

When filling out the quote form for your fire escape, external staircase, railings, we recommend supplying the following:

Stair Width
Height, to top step or platform
Handrail to one side or both
Required design (if known, - email pictures if you can)
Straight, angled or spiral, or curves within the climb
Balcony required, if so, size. Platform design - open or closed (see first two pic's below)
Has planning permission been given? Is it required?
Removal of old staircase
Installation requirements, site preparation
Architect drawings done / required
Special Features ie. wooden/stone steps
Additional railings


Basement StaircaseLarge Fire Escape SatircaseResidential StaircaseCommercial staircaseBalcony StaircaseStaircase in WorkshopAngled StaircaseTown garden staircaseOrnate Balsutrade Railings StaircaseResidential Iron Staircasewrought iron town basement staircaseCourtyard Iron external staircasesSimple iron staircase

The complete required staircase height, from ground to top platform base level. Can be a close estimation.
Can be a close estimation.
If the staircase is one run, straight up to the entrance, select 'None'.
If a platform is required half way or at the top select 'One'.
If a platform is required half way and at the top select 'Two'.
If you want a platform at the top, or half way up the staircase, please estimate the size(s).
Free Standing / Handrail (fixed to a wall)
Railings with top handrail
We would always recommend Galvanized + Zinc Primed + Sprayed Black for a trusted, lasting finish.
For Private or Public Use
Town or post code for delivery / Installation