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Climbing Frame Q1

A challenge for the younger kids, a low level climbing platform with climbing wall and net, plus a wave slide.
Low climbing frame tower with net, climbing wall access and slide. Pictured with optional steel slide

Ground Anchors
Steel Slide
Low climbing frame tower with net, climbing wall access and slide. Pictured with optional steel slide
Climbing frame with slide, wall and net access
Climbing Wall
Climbing Net
Included Slide, showing ground fixings. (Steel slide can be bought as an option)
Ground Fixing for Climbing Frame main legs
Close up of the climbing net materials
The footprint of the climbing frame

Code: Q1
Built from solid timber, this heavy duty, commercial climbing frame is ideal for younger children. Included is a challenging slope with solid hand grips and a rope net to gain access to the platform level. Hand bars on entrances and exit (slide) add to ease of use and improve safety.

Comes with a solid plastic green curvy slide View example in Q1 pic. Pictured stainless steel slide can be purchased as an option.

Commercial Low Level Climbing Set

Up to 5 kids. Pressure-treated Solid Pine

• Timber Pack Cut To Size
• Climbing Rocks x 10
• Climbing Net
• Large Metallic Handgrips x 4
• Small Metallic Handgrips x 2
• Bolt Protection Caps
• Platform Clamping Plate
• Outer Brackets x 8
• Net Brackets x 12
• Solid Floor Brackets x 4
• Solid Floor Brackets Slide x 2
• Slide Brackets x 2
• Slide Anchor Piles x 2
• Manuals 1-4
• 3D Leveller
• Product Identification
• Hardware
• Toolset
• Building Tools

All Hy-land Projects are type-approved and certified by an independent test organization, TüV Rheinland. When Hy-land Projects are built according to the instructions, then each Project complies with EN 1176 : 2008. This is the European standard for playground equipment for public / commercial use. For example for restaurants, hotels, stores, day care centres, sport clubs, camp sites and controlled community areas.

Further Details
Users: 5
User age: 3 - 12
Assembly time by 2 people: 6hrs
Dimension: 4,3 x 3,1 x 2,3 m
Slide Length: 3 m
Platform height: 1,5 m Critical fall height: 1,5 m
Area 46 m²
Kit: 1x Q-Start, 1x Q-Box, 1x Q-Rock, 1x Q-Net
Non-paved construction site: For anchoring in a non-paved surface (e.g. grass, sand) additionally required:
Anchors Set Uni: 2 sets (see options)
Concrete: 180 litre (≈360 kg)
Paved construction site: For fixation to a paved surface (e.g. with rubber tiles) additional hardware required: e.g. chemical anchors, expanding plugs/bolts.

Inspection and maintenance
Hy-land projects do not need additional inspections from a test organization, not after assembly and not throughout the year. All Hy-land projects come with a checklist and logbook. You can legitimately carry out the inspections yourself, that are mandatory for public / commercial playgrounds.

Material information
Robust dimensions of pressure-treated pine - stainless steel ladder rungs - powder coated steel handgrips, roof brackets and swing brackets - triple-coated non-corrosive screws and bolts - reinforced PVC sandbox covers - polyamide bolt covers - galvanized steel swing chains - stainless steel swing hooks with nylon bearing - shock absorbing light weight EPDM polymer swing seats. All materials apply to the strictest European health and safety requirements, are weatherproof and UV-resistant.

Type of surface
All play equipment must be installed over an impact attenuating surface according to the standard EN 1176-1: 2008 (e.g. rubber, mulch, sand, grass, gravel rated for a fall height ≥ 1.5 m), properly prepared for use in children’s playgrounds. The following is a list of commonly used impact attenuation material: double shredded bark mulch, uniform wood chips, fine gravel, fine sand, rubber tiles, poured in place impact attenuating surfacing. For placement on grass, check local regulations.

Warranty - 2 years