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Hyland Project 6

A large kids playground suitable for hotels and holiday parks. A two tower playground structure, ideal for up to eight users. Slide colour options. Climbing walls and ladders.
Hyland - Children's  Playground for public use

Add 2-Swing Module
Hyland - Children's  Playground for public use
Hyland - kids Playground for public use
Swings Module (Optional Extra)

Code: HY-06
A large wooden playground ideal for use in hotels, clubs and holiday parks. This two towered wooden play fort is ideal for up to 8 users at a time, aged 3 to 12. There are two ladders and two climbing walls allowing access to the raised fort platforms.
Comes with complete kit including installation instructions, fixings and accessories and choice of slide colour..

Kids Commercial Garden Playground Specifications

Project 6

Users: 8
User age: 3 - 12
Standard content: 8 Climbing Rocks
8 Ladder Rungs Green
16 Rung Ends
2 Ground Covers 1700x1900
2 Cat Stops
40 Cat Stops Flower
8 Large Metallic Handgrips
2 Medium Metallic Handgrips
212 Bolt Protection Caps
4 Tympanums HL
Construction content: 24 Multi Brackets
8 Roof Construction Brackets
4 Roof Triangles 90
3 Platform Clamping Plates
2 Slide Anchor Piles
2 Slide Brackets
2 Solid Floor Brackets Slide
Hardware Packages Kit A & B & C
Assembly content: Toolsets Kit A & B & C
3D Leveller
Manuals 1-4
Logo ID Plate
6 Building Tools
Dimension: 6,80 x 3,30 x 4,00 m
Playground area: 10,60 x 6,80 m
Platform height: 1,50 m
Weight: 786 kg
Slide length: 3,00 m
Critical fall height: 1,50 m
Assembly time by 2 pers.: 15
Manufacturer: Hy-land B.V.
Type of surface All play equipment must be installed over a impact attenuating surface according to the European Standard EN 1176-1:2008. (e.g. rubber, mulch, sand, grass, gravel rated for a fall height ≥ 1.5 m)