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Hyland Project 2

Commercial play tower suitable for 4 kids 3-12yrs. Wooden raised platform with ladder and climbing wall. Ideal for Parks and Holiday Camps.
Hyland - Commercial Garden Playgrounds for Kids

Hyland - Commercial Garden Playgrounds for Kids
Hyland - Project 2 - Commercial Playground for Kids

Code: HY-02
A pitched roof, commercial play tower ideal for clubs and holiday camps. Comes with complete kit including installation instructions, fixings and accessories.

Kids Commercial Garden Playground Specifications

Project 2

Users: 4
User age: 3 - 12
Standard content: 4 Ladder Rungs Green
8 Rung Ends
Ground Cover 1700x1900
Cat Stop
20 Cat Stops Flower
2 Large Metallic Handgrips
2 Medium Metallic Handgrips
59 Bolt Protection Caps
2 Tympanums HL
Construction content: 6 Multi Brackets
4 Roof Construction Brackets
2 Roof Triangles 90
2 Slide Anchor Piles
2 Slide Brackets
2 Solid Floor Brackets Slide
3 Platform Clamping Plates Bottom
Hardware Package Kit B & C
Assembly content: Toolset Kit A & B & C
3D Leveller
Manuals 1-4
Logo ID Plate
3 Building Tools
Dimension: 4,00 x 1,90 x 4,00 m
Playground area: 7,80 x 5,40 m
Platform height: 1,50 m
Weight: 311 kg
Slide length: 3,00 m
Critical fall height: 1,50 m
Assembly time by 2 pers.: 6
Manufacturer: Hy-land B.V.
Type of surface All play equipment must be installed over a impact attenuating surface according to the European Standard EN 1176-1:2008. (e.g. rubber, mulch, sand, grass, gravel rated for a fall height ≥ 1.5 m)