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Vasca 255cm, H 230cm, W 320cm, kg 1510
Tall decorative pedestal with two tiers water fountain and hexagonal surround
Valencia - A tall pedestal with two bowls cement marble water fountain, within a large hexagonal surround

Water Pump
Lighting + Spray Ring + Liner
Description Code: FO2621
Price is for stone fountain sections only
Made in Italy from reconstituted marble and cement, finished by hand.
Easy access to fountain water pump and fittings.
Water Pump / Lighting + Spray Ring + Bespoke fiberglass liner

Valencia is a tall decorated pedestal stone water feature with two tiered bowls at the centre of a raised hexagonal surround, which in turn sits on a larger hexagonal base. Water is pumped up through the fountain centre and pours out at the top filling the two ornamental bowls and overflowing into the outer pool, to be re-circulated. The optional spray ring jets water back at the fountain from the edge of the surround, complimenting the centre water feature.
An additional bespoke fibreglass bowl liner is a convenient way of keeping your garden water ornament clean, tidy and water tight, without the need for an inner cement skim upon assembly.