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San Remo

San Remo -Serpents and cherub water fountain with raised surround bowl
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Serpents and cherub on raised surround water fountain
H 200cm, W 185cm, kg 720
Code: FO216
Price is for stone fountain sections only
Made in Italy from reconstituted marble and cement, finished by hand.
Easy access to fountain water pump and fittings.
Water Pump / Lighting and Spray Ring

San Remo Italian water fountain is a decorative feature within a raised, shaped surround bowl. Water is pumped up through the centre of the fountain and cascades over into the clamshell decorated lower surround bowl, then over the serpents that circle the centre vasca, to be re-circulated. An additional bespoke spray ring around the lower surround jets water back to the centre ornamental feature.
Water Pump
Lighting + Spray Ring