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Fontana Marsiglia

Fontana Marsiglia stone water fountain including tiered centre piece and horses, with flower vases in the surround bowl
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Italian water fountain with horses, large surround and flower vases
H 255cm, External measurement W 420/440cm, Internal measurement W 300cm, kg 3560
Code: ART919
Price is for cement ornament pieces only.
Made in Italy from reconstituted marble and cement, finished by hand.
Fontana Marsiglia garden water feature is an Italian water fountain with tiered centre and flower vases in the surround bowl. It also features four horses in the centre.
For bespoke lighting, pump, liner and spray ring see options.
Without the optional (pictured in the image around the perimeter of the surround) spray ring, the fountain water will pump up through the centre and cascade from the top over the tiers. In addition water flows out from the horses mouths.
Water Pump + Lighting
Spray Ring