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Large Water Fountains

Earthtools large ornamental, courtyard and garden water fountains are made from cement and fine white sand. A crushed marble composite, creating a tough finish that is then further treated to combat the threat of frost.

Further Information

This beautiful range of outdoor water fountains incorporates Greek and Roman Gods, beautiful Goddesses, animals such as lions and dolphins, in addition to traditional tiered Italian fountains, with decorative carving detail.
Fountains are moulded in Italy using modern techniques alongside traditional kilning at 960 degrees, designed to minimize air traps and joint lines.

Water fountain finish options include 'antiqued' (Patonata) and 'white'. We recommend the antiqued finish as this enhances the detail of the fountain. Ornamental water features pictured within this large water fountains category are ordered finished 'antiqued' (as per most images) unless stated.

Fountain Pumps, Fitting Kits and Lights

Some large water fountains come with Decor Kits or there is options including Lights, Pump and Spray rings where stated.

Bespoke Fountain LinerBespoke Fountain Liners

Liners are available for some of the fountain bowls. This is a functional alternative to the DIY cement rendered bowl and will help with cleaning and also keep away annoying leaks. Liners are bespoke for each water fountain surround and made from tough fiberglass.

Your Ideal Water Fountain Combination

If you are having trouble finding the fountain you are looking for, you could perhaps email some pictures to us (sales@) along with your requirements. We may be able to source a particular carving or construct a fountain to suit your materials and specifications.

Delivery Details

FREE (UK Mainland). Other areas subsidised, email for a price.

Fontana Bomarzo

H 86cm, W 64cm, kg 137.
Base H 20cm, W 72x72cm
Tall flower ...


H 98cm, W 95cm, kg 235
Fruit bowl, vase water fountain

Fontana Milano

H 113cm, W 70cm, Kg 93
Free standing, slim, tiered water ...


H 160cm, W 106cm, Kg 270
Two tier cement water fountain.

Fuente Modelo Campana

H 125cm, W 145cm, kg 400
Outdoor / Indoor fountain (Includes ...

Fontana Bagnoreggio

H 68cm, W 75cm, kg 212.
Base H 20cm, W 97x97cm
Large, ...

Fontana Agrigento

H 195cm, W 130cm, Base 100cm. kg 410
Stone marble cement water ...


H 200cm, W 153cm, kg 490
Popular Italian water fountain


H 160cm, W 160cm, kg 360
One tier, flower bud water fountain ...


H 130cm, W 265cm, kg 662
Dolphins water fountain with large, ...


H 240cm, W 180cm, kg 700
'Jug Lady' Italian water fountain.


H 175cm, W 180cm, kg 588
Lady Kneeling Water Fountain.


H 217cm, W 180cm, kg 633
Clothed, robed lady water fountain with ...


H 200cm, W 125cm, kg 563
A boy and girl under an umbrella tiered ...


H 195cm, W 125cm, kg 572
Decorative stone water fountain


H 186cm, W 180cm, kg 572
A boy and girl under an umbrella water ...


H 210cm, W 180cm, kg 730
Garden statue water fountain.

Fontana Ginevra

H 188cm, W 250cm 1037kg
Ideal courtyard fountain with plain ...


H 222cm, W 180cm, kg 657
Lady collecting water garden fountain


H 113cm, W 300cm, Base 226cm, Kg 1250
Tall pedestal water ...

Fontana Bordighera

H 142cm, W 200/240cm, 764kg
Large circular water fountain with ...

San Remo

H 200cm, W 185cm, kg 720
Serpents and cherub on raised surround ...

Fontana Con Cannelle

H 127cm, W 180cm. Pool / Basin Dia 300cm, Kg 700
Italian water ...


H 210cm, W 265cm, kg 850
Italian water fountain with cherub and ...


H 200cm, W 250cm, kg 1100
Low surround circular water fountain ...


Vasca 255cm, W 320cm, H 155cm, kg 1680
Woman and child water ...


Vasca 255cm, H 230cm, W 320cm, kg 1510
Tall decorative pedestal ...


H 255cm, W 198cm, kg 1146
Tiered stone traditional Water ...

Fontana Varazze

H 54cm, W 350/250cm
Large hexagonal water fountain with fish ...


Vasca 255cm, H 152cm, W 320cm, kg 1626
Cherub boy and bird water ...

Fontana Amalfi

H 175cm, W 300cm, kg 1300
Plain water fountain with tiered ...


H 215cm, W 290cm, kg 2570
Three Dolphins water fountain


H 280cm, W 290cm, kg 2510
Compact fountain, an ideal wishing ...


Vasca 255cm, W 320cm, kg 1900
Italian tiered water fountain with ...


H 134cm, W 420cm, Vasca 301cm, kg 2583
Large shells with ...

Fontana Angliana

H 240cm, W 350cm, kg 3500
Large four horse water fountain with ...


Vasca 301cm, H 245cm, W 420cm, kg 3149
Large tiered water ...

Fontana Berlino

H 275cm, W 300cm Base 420/400cm, 3000kg
Big Italian water ...

Fontana Marsiglia

H 255cm, External measurement W 420/440cm, Internal measurement W ...


H 250cm,W int. 250cm / ext. 420cm, kg 3500
Italian Tiered water ...

Fuente Caballos (4 horses)

H 350cm, W 500cm, kg 2500
Large four horses water fountain with ...

Fuente Caballos (6 horses)

H 350cm, W 760cm kg 8700
Large six horses water fountain with ...


H 270cm, W 550cm, kg 5500
Large 4 Lions Water Fountain (Includes ...


H 305cm, W 549cm, kg 6100
Greek God with horses large decorative ...

Fountain of Tritons

H 400cm, W 800cm, kg 8700
Very large fish and clams water ...