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Garden Statue Plinths and Pedestals

Suitable for the statues we have on this web site. Plinths are made in Italy using the latest moulding and kiln techniques to minimise joint lines and air traps.

Further Information

Pictures of statue pedestals within the shop pages are finished in 'antiqued' (Patonata) unless stated. By default, unless requested otherwise, plinths will be ordered as 'antiqued'. There are selectors where colour options are available.

Delivery Details

For plinths and pedestals, complete ORDERS OVER £500 ARE FREE (UK Mainland).
If your total order is under £500, see delivery zone charges: ZONE A | ZONE B | ZONE C


Circular base for stone statues
H 37cm, W 36cm, kg 58


Ideal for statues up to 1.5m
H 40cm, W 40cm, kg 55


Ideal for statues up to 1.5m
H 54cm, W 37cm, kg 82


Ideal for statues up to 2m
H 33cm, W 40cm, kg 55


Circular column statue plinth
H 60cm, W 48cm, kg 103


A low, circular statue plinth
H 30cm, W 56cm, kg 90


A tall, slim Italian pedestal plinth
H 60cm, W 35x31cm, kg 70


A tall Italian pedestal for statues and planters
H 75cm, W 45cm, ...


Small Italian column pedestal
H 46cm, W 50x45cm, kg 79


Medium size statue plinth pedestal
H 58cm, W 46x46cm, kg 66


Ideal plinth for statues up to 2m
H 45cm, W 42cm, kg 50


Ideal for statues up to 2m
H 52cm, W 52cm, kg 58


Ideal for statues up to 2m
H 53cm, kg 150


A tall column pedestal for planters
H 76cm, W 50x45cm, kg 105


Tall, square statue plinth pedestal
H 91cm, W 35.5cm, kg 83


Ideal for statues up to 1.5m
H 61cm, W 40cm, kg 118

Plinth for Aquilla Aspen

Tall plinth suitable for eagle statue
H 52cm, W 52cm, kg 58


Tall statue column pedestal
H 77cm, W 30cm, kg 60

Pilastro Lisbona

A round statue pedestal plinth with rose decor
H 60cm, W 60cm, kg ...

Pilastro Cartagine

A wide, tall pedestal for statues up to 1.8m
H 81cm, W 43x70cm, ...

Pilastro Fortezza

A tall statue pedestal plinth
H 85cm, kg 313

Pilastro Barberini

Ideal for statues up to 2.8m
H 80cm, W 70cm 62cm, kg 375

Pilastro Visconteo

Large statue plinth
H 80cm, W 190x67cm, kg 975


Large Well Top, Cap including Ironwork
H 240cm, W 132x132cm, kg ...


Large Well Top, Cap including Ironwork
H 260cm, W 120x120cm, kg ...