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Large Garden Planters, Vases, Trophies

Ornamental, decorative, yet functional outdoor planters made from cement and fine white sand. A composite of crushed marble, creating a tough long lasting ornament.

Further Information

Garden Vases and large flower pots are moulded in Italy by skilled craftsmen and finished by hand, embracing modern moulding techniques alongside traditional kilning at 960 degrees, designed to minimize air traps and joint lines. All garden planters and flower tubs benefit from being frost resistant and will give countless years of visual pleasure. We can also supply plinths and pedestals designed specifically for some of the vases in this range.


Planters, Garden Trophies and other related products within this category are generally shown pictured in an 'Antiqued' (Patonata) finish, unless otherwise stated. This finish shows the detail of the planter, bringing out the creases and depth of the sculptured design.
If you would like to order any of these trophies and stone planters in a white finish please contact us first before ordering.

Delivery Details

Cement Marble, Concrete, Stone Garden Ornaments - ORDERS OVER £500 FREE (UK Mainland).
If your total order is under £500, select a delivery zone / charge on product details page.
Prices for post code zones are for up to 1500kg per pallet. ZONE A | ZONE B | ZONE C

Modern shaped garden planter
H 42cm, W 41cm, kg 83


Modern garden flower tub
H 41cm, W 41cm, kg 84


Traditional large garden flower tub
H 62cm, kg 84


Circular ringed, ridged garden planter
H 43cm, W 70cm, kg 84

Vaso Medio Con Manici

A medium size ornamental garden planter.
H 68cm, kg 77


Square, ridged flute garden planter
H 54cm, W 65cm, kg 84


Decorated garden flower tub
H 65cm, W 67cm, kg 94

Portafiori DX

Cherub holding plant 'hand right' garden statue
H 90cm, kg 105

Portafiori SX

Cherub holding planter 'hand left' garden statue
H 90cm, kg 105

Vaso Fendi

A tall Italian garden ornament vase.
H 83cm, W 70cm, kg 142


Large, round garden flower pot
H 73cm, kg 180

Vaso Con Manici

A large Italian ornamental garden vase.
H 90cm, kg 172


Elegant garden flower planter
H 78cm, W 58cm, kg 139


A low, wide, flower decorated garden planter
H 74cm, kg 240


Large, garden trophy flower planter
H 95cm, W 100cm, kg 190


Large traditional garden planter
H 75cm, kg 219

Vaso Augusteo

A tall, flower decorated ornamental garden vase.
H 100cm, kg 237


Flower topped garden flower trophy vase
H 128cm, W 80cm, Base ...

Vaso Mediceo

Very big Italian ornamental garden trophy vase.
H 140cm, kg 283


Large garden trophy ornament
H 160cm, W 80cm, Kg 373
Base ...

Vaso Con Fiocco

A large ribbon decorated ornamental garden vase.
H 113cm, W ...

Portafiori Levanto

Boy sitting on tree stump garden statue
H 145cm, Dia. 115cm, kg ...

Cavalleria Bretone

Man and Woman horse and cart statue planter
H 112cm, W 207 x ...

Cavalleria Aquitana

Boy and pony cart statue
H 120cm, W 214 x 62cm, kg 545.

Cavalleria Normandia

Two Horses and Hay Cart garden statue planter
H 85cm, W 230 x ...

Cavalleria Provenzale

Four Horses and Hay Cart garden statue planter
H 85cm, W 330 x ...

Cavalleria Isere

Gentleman driving one horse stagecoach garden planter
H 110cm, ...

Colossus Jar

Large, tall garden flower vase
H 190cm, W 75cm, Kg 170