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Large Size Stair Baluster

Large Size Concrete Stair Baluster
H 93.2cm (36.7"), W 14.6cm (5.7")
Large size concrete stair baluster. Picture shows casting made for mould creation.


Cut down on installation time by simply cutting the top and bottom extended sections on these stair balustrades to the angle you require. Usually one would have to make 'chocks' to place under and above the balustrades to get your angle, cementing them in place prior to fixing the balusters, also spending a fair amount of time cutting them the same(ish).. With these new extended balusters you get a uniform fixing, following your cuts, that's also stronger and looks better too.

A steel rod runs through the centre of these concrete stair balusters, giving additional stability, with this rod protruding it can be cut and inserted into pre-drilled rails, aiding fixing. This moulded large concrete stair balustrade is available in 'Grey' and 'Cotswold Buff' (select options)

Please note, the picture of this product is of the master the mould was created from. For a true likeness to colour and finish please view any of the other balustrade products in this category.